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When people self diagnose themselves with a disorder and talk about how much of an “insomniac” they are, or how they’re so “OCD” about certain things, I literally want to scream.

There is absolutely no way you actually know what a person is going through that ACTUALLY suffers from insomnia or obsessive compulsive disorder. Your preferences for neat and orderly things or your inability to sleep at a reasonable hour due to the fact that you slept until noon does NOT mean your knowledge on that topic even scratches the surface. Stop. That’s flat out insulting to people who do live day in and day out with that disorder that you’re glamorizing.

Anonymous said: Stop posting tumblr jokes on Facebook all the time and taking credit for them.

You’re an idiot. I don’t post jokes on Facebook. Jokes on you.

Tonight I ate Freebirds nachos, a Krispy Kreme donut, and a Coca Cola slurpee. I ran around town after swimming with a girl friend and three new guy friends and we laughed a lot. We also ran back to our cars downtown in the rain and I have not felt like a teenager again in such a long time.

I’m extra thankful for these nights.

Gravity will shift and the sun will shine brighter and there will be a nice breeze the day that someone remembers the little things like how I can’t pick one favorite flavor of ice cream out of three. 

I am a magnet for the shittiest people on the planet.

I typed up half of something long and spiteful before I just backspaced it all. I’m searching for words to describe it but I just feel tired and like I want to vomit. 

I'm Kaigen. I like to run my mouth. 21 years young, Texas livin'. I love you. Happiness, sunshine, blue-eyed redhead, door operations for Ghostlight Concerts, assistant at The Door/Prophet Bar, journalist for Static Magazine, music student, outdoors, hardcore, pop punk, indie, frequent naps, small animals, big words, Scrubs, tattoos, and fantasy.
Romans 5:3-8